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According to UN there are 1 million heroin addicts in India officially while unofficially this data reaches to 5 million. Further, Odisha apparently has been seen to have a growing number of drug addicts that includes 40% of the kids being involved in using inhalants while less than 15% of them using heroin. Therefore, Drug De-Addiction Centre extends a helping hand towards men who are addicted to substance abuse of various kinds and is looking for a way out of it.

Today our society is completely under the wings of Drugs. Our new generation is moving towards self -destruction under the influence of Drugs. It is difficult to fulfil the basic needs, but it is easier to get drugs from anywhere which makes it more crucial to address. To annihilate the practice of drug addiction and extending a helping hand to those who are looking for a way out of it, Peoples Forum started a program named Drug De-Addiction centre with the support of District Administration with the financial support of District mineral foundation Jharsuguda. The centre was inaugurated on dated 27th june,2017 by District Collector and District Magistrate. The centre was started with 15 bed facility, other advanced and hygienic environment and infrastructure. The motto behind running the centre is to help people get over their addiction focusing on the sustainable development.


The objectives of the Program for Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance (Drug) Abuse are:

  • To create awareness and educate people about the ill-effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family, the workplace and society at large;
  • To provide for the whole range of community-based services for the identification, motivation, counselling, de-addiction, after care and rehabilitation for Whole Person Recovery (WPR) of addicts to make a person drug free, crime free and gainfully employed.
  • To alleviate the consequences of drug and alcohol dependence amongst the individual, the family and society at large.
  • To facilitate research, training, documentation and collection of relevant information to strengthen the above-mentioned objectives; and
  • To support other activities which are in consonance with the mandate of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment in this field.

Services provided at the centre:

  • Admission and release
  • Rescue operation
  • Treatment
  • Counselling
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Refreshments & entertainment
  • Grooming
  • Outdoor activities
  • Celebrations of various festival

Community Awareness

The team of DDC performs various street plays and conduct rallies in the community to create awareness among the people.

Admission 119
Discharge 103
Individual counselling 78
Group counselling 132
Family counselling 37
Video shows 10
Physical follow up 28
Phone follow up 37
National days festivals 2
Festivals 4
Organizational meetings 18
Outdoor meetings 13
Rally 4
Psychiatric doctor visit 29
General doctor visit 96
Rescue 3
Outdoor health service 6
Pathology tests 119

Total people drug freed -103

Total people getting employed after getting discharge from the centre- More than 20