30 Years Of Service To The Mankind     I     Many More Glorious Years To Follow     I     Registered under Society Registration Act 1860     I     Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulatory Act (FCRA)     I     Affiliation for Agriculture & Retail Sector Under Sector Skill council ,GOI     I     Permanent Registration Under DDU- GKY SKILL Development, GOI     I     80 G under Income Tax act .     I     12 A of Indian Income Tax Act     I     Registered under Disability Act .     I     Registered under Juvenile Justice Act.

Who We Are


People’s Forum started its journey with community awareness & sensitisation programmes and mobilising resources for catering to the needs of different communities. And then the organization gradually engaged in enhancing livelihood, education, mental health and financial inclusions. It began with a major focus on women as a centre of development and gave much emphasis for the development of mentally ill women who are the most vulnerable and a relatively weaker section of the society. People’s Forum provided a platform to the communities whose voices remain unheard, rights ignored, and basic entitlements not accomplished. The focus also lies on mobilising youth and working towards people’s collectives to let them realize entitlements and enabling them to access basic developmental services.

Over the course of time, as the development scenario changed, looking at the emergency needs of the people in difficulty, People's Forum started working in a strategic framework, particularly in a mission mode to address the multiplicity of problems. In due course the pioneers of people's forum realized that the project-based activities are not enough to meet its stated objectives and adopted larger development framework with gamut of developmental, techno social and social enterprise approaches. Peoples Forum thereafter expanded to provide financial inclusion through Business Correspondents & composite projects like water & sanitation with both grant as well as the loan components to bring a better quality of life and livelihood security for the underserved communities.

People's Forum stands today to endeavour through a group of volunteers, who untiringly work and bestow their knowledge, time and support to help cross many milestones. Being involved in the advocacy sphere, the organisation continues its efforts in mainstreaming mental health, protecting against gender-based violence and working on food security issues in the state.

This organisation also grew to provide welfare support advancing form the charity approach. Rescue, Relief & Rehabilitation became the central activities of the organisation. Activities such as livelihood restoration, imbibing value-based institutions, skill development and cluster development etc. are a crucial part of the gamut activities undertaken by People’s Forum today. The organisation is also taking initiatives to create awareness for adopting sustainable agricultural practices in the operational areas involving marginal & small farmers. In a move to strengthen rural livelihood, the organisation seeks to provide skill and capacity building and business development support services with market linkage opportunities for sustainable livelihood.


To work towards integrated development in all spheres of community life with special emphasis on weaker and vulnerable groups such as women, children, elderly people, SC / ST, differently able and those deprived of healthy and secure living.


Developing a most credible and reliable people's institution to care and support the most deprived and vulnerable people irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion & enabling them to live in society with dignity & respect that will be entirely free from all economic and social discrimination.


Peoples’ Forum as an organization was the vision of few benevolent youths who desired to create a better society by helping people to help themselves. Thus the organization emerged as a podium for activists who fought for the under privileged and weaker sections of the society. Drawing inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy the organization mandated to work on the philosophy of Father of nation and hence laid foundation of the organization on 2nd Oct 1988. It attained recognition under Society Registration ACT XXI of 1860 in 1990, 12 (A) of income tax registration in 1995, FCRA Registration ACT OF 1976 IN 1995 and Ind 80(G) registration under income tax in 2004 The Organization since inception has worked in diversified fields and has tried to find better ways for reaching out to the most marginalized community. It has never hesitated from getting into unexplored areas or experimenting with the ways of attaining the laid objectives of the organization. It has in fact taken good swifts from time to time as per the need of the situation and requirement. The Organisation’s growth can be divided into few important phases that basically revolve around its focus and strategy of intervention. The important phases can be listed as indicated below –